We created Flight Deck Fabrications to make home cockpits available to everyone.  Historically, home cockpit enthusiasts would have to have an extensive amount of time, tooling, space and materials to conceive and create their own home cockpit structures.  We seek to break that barrier by producing flight simulation structures that are affordable, shipped via standard ground and integrate with common flight simulation controls and peripherals; “Home Cockpit Kits.”


Drawing from 17 years of combined experience as a real-world pilot, flight simulation enthusiast and current professional in small batch manufacturing, Flight Deck GA was conceived and produced to provide the flight simulation community an affordable General Aviation Home Cockpit Kit; designed for value and authenticity. 

Flight Deck GA is produced in Colorado and helps support small-batch domestic manufacturers who provide safe working conditions and sustainable wages to employees.  I appreciate your interest as we all continue to creatively pursue our shared passion for aviation and the flight simulation community.